Enterprise Skills Training Program

Course Name: BA602: Management Information Systems

Enterprise Skills Training Program

Campbellsville University, Louisville – KY


Question 1: Srujana Kondamadugula

Question 2: Shiva Aditya Rangu

Question 3: Shalini Desha

Question 4: Babitha Bokka

Question 5: Balakrishna Emani

1. Describe the Project

With the continuous evolution of IT trends and technologies, it is important for IT resources to adapt to the changing needs in technology and gain competitive advantage over others. It can be achieved by developing an Enterprise Skills training program. The objective of program is to increase knowledge, build and strengthen skills and improve work efficiency. The program enhances the professional skill set of resources by training them with the help of well-designed and organized training material.  Not only does this help with fulfillment of career goals but also drives the business of organization towards success.

Enterprise skills training project is a long term project which facilitates the Skills training program with the help of a web based tracking system / application. The program is a platform with training courses, training goals, learning assessment and trainers. The platform will be implemented as a web application which will help trainer control learning content and assessment of trainee and help trainee to choose content, take assessments, track his progress and take feedback from trainee.

The program focuses on onboarding training, regulatory compliance training, Business objectives training, Performance goals training, Competency goals training, Knowledge goals training, Skill goals training and Attitude Goals training and other training courses which will help resource in following best practices enterprise wide, improve organizational performance, improve individual performance, improve subject skills, increase productivity and helps in career development of resource along with focus on improving the efficiency of business. The training program will ensure that resources will possess or maintain skills that are required to perform their job duties. The training program should be mandatory for all the employees in an organization. Training program needs to be continuously evaluated and improved based on feedback from resources and technological trends.