Essay #1: The Single Story and You as Protagonist

Instructor: Brandon Diaz

English 110

Essay #1: The Single Story and You as Protagonist

Task: Based on our readings and discussions so far, discuss the role that the notion of the “single story” plays in your life, or plays in society as a whole. Who controls that narrative of the “single story” as it pertains to you? How does it include you in your social/family groups? How does it exclude you or make you and outsider? Are you misrepresented by the “single-story” attached to your identity?

Some things I’d like you to include:

· Develop a thesis that describes the role that the single-story plays in your life. Consider whether or not being pushed into a single-story has led you to reject that identity

· If you do not wholly reject your single-story, in which ways do you conform to it?

· Describe an incident in which you’ve pushed back against the confines of your own “single story”

· Relate your rejection or acceptance of your single-story to what we’ve read thus far in class: the first few chapters of The Sellout, the Psychology Today article, or the Adichie Ted Talk.

· Close by telling how embracing (or rejecting) of your single story will impact your education. What are some ways that you might re-write your single story?

How to Make My Essay Strong…?

· Strong Introduction! Hook me in there. Get me interested in your tale.

· A clear introductory paragraph with a strong thesis.

· You must reference or quote at least two of the things we’ve read/watched. (Think about what attributes the narrator of The Sellout has that demonstrate his rejection of a single-story).

· Use strong, evocative language, and concrete imagery to paint a picture for your reader (me). Make sure to include interesting details like you would if you were writing a book.

· Immaculate quote integration and grammar usage.


· 3 pages- 4 pages typed (1000 word min). Times New Roman. 1-inch margins. Double spaced.

· Your essay must have a title.

Due Dates:

· Rough Draft 9/4 – 3 hard copies due in class for peer review

· Final Draft 9/6 – Submitted on Canvas by class time