Essay Topic:Global Culture


I. Introduction

I believe that people all over the world know that something is called “Korean Culture.” There is a Korean song called “Jiangnan Style” that has swept the world in 2012, and everyone is crazy about it. For most people, we can’t even understand the meaning of the lyrics, but we still clearly feel the emotions brought by the songs, and at the same time translate into our own feelings,

II. Thesis

Therefore, I think that music is a good one example of a representative of “global culture”


1. first point

Music is a bridge to open cultural barriers and establish links between countries.

2. Second point

Many of the same music have different versions. The interpretation of different languages ​​has the same melody, but different languages.

3. Third point

The emotions conveyed by different music are different, but they have something in common in the transmission of culture.

III. Conclusion

Music brings a different feeling to the world. Everyone’s mobile phone has music in different languages, so music is a good way to share culture.