Essence of writing: A Classic Working Practice of all Times

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Essence of writing: A Classic Working Practice of all Times


Communication plays a crucial role in the effective running of a business. Strong writing skills are an essential element for any business professional. The use of writing skills in marketing is much higher than any other profession. Content creation is the writing of compelling blogs and articles for marketing. Content writing is a cost-effective technique to approach new markets. Marketing professionals write reports, memos, and insiders to attract business clients. Strong writing skills are an essential components of marketing in creation of interesting content which captures a large customer’s attention irrespective of regional limits and explores new markets. I found a video clip which explains the power of writing in marketing. The clip (Why Is Content Marketing Important) elaborates steps to writing compelling content for business promotion. It demonstrates how excellent writing skills can affect the marketing operations.


Digital marketing is the new most influential medium of content writing (“3 Reasons Strong Writing Skills Are Needed In Marketing”). Content writing is an efficient way of business sales and promotions. Marketers have to keep the audience interested by creating new and energetic contents. Content writing includes writing of blogs, articles, and insiders on the company’s website and publications. Companies hire professionals to develop materials for broachers, magazines, reports, and pamphlets for the marketing of product and services. Content writing captures the reader attention from its catchy slogans, proactive content, and exciting topics. It is a quickly growing field which creates opportunities for professionals to utilize their writing skills. The use of social media content writing is so vast that it has become a sub-field of marketing. Digital marketing, these days, is an essential department of any organization.

In the present age of technology, television and radio have become an obsolete way of advertising (Denise G.). Digital marketing has become the most dynamic media for marketing. TV and radio commercials and ads have lost the attention of its audience and listeners. People are active on social websites and applications. The power of paper media has been fading with the arrival of electronic media. The writing content of electronic media is the same as of print media except that the former reach more readers. Therefore the quality of content has improved over the years. Digital content writing is accessed by people of all cultures and class irrespective of geographical boundaries. It is a safe and secure mean of communication. It is a portal for exchange of world information.

Another advantage is that it is open for general response and discussions. The reaction is quick which helps the entrepreneur to plan effective strategies for business. Print media, magazines, TV, and radio are one direction channels. Content creation brings competition and demands creativity and innovation. It also requires rapid updates to keep the reader interested. The two ended communication between the company and customers provide instant feedback. It also provides a comparison with the competitor’s product and service. Often, the public shares its thoughts and opinions on the written content. It gives ideas for innovation and insight into customer’s demands. Some posts are open for discussions. Organizations encourage the public to input their thoughts on the written content through comments. The general talks and arguments become the source of data collection for the company which is later observed and analyzed for the formation of strategic planning.


Writing has always been a dominant mode of communication. It is detail-oriented and conveys a broader image of the topic. It reaches to a variety of new and existing markets. It eliminates the structural, regional and cultural barriers. Writing not only plays a vital role in the field of marketing but it is an essential tool behind the success of every profession To sum up this discussion, writing in any job is as vital as any other component of that profession, without which the survival of the business becomes difficult.

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