Evaluation of a Business Simulation

The evaluation of a business simulation is designed to relate the operation of a business department (s) in a simulation formation to the real world. It is also designed to relate class material to the learnings from playing the game.


Choose a simulation from the list below or one of your choosing. Be sure to make sure the game is not too “simple”. There should be a definite learning aspect to playing the simulation. If you choose one not on the list below please just run it by me.

This assignment can be done individually or with a partner with only one written report handed in. If you do a simulation against another team, each team must hand in a report.

· Management and strategy

· Go Venture CEO – $29US – being used in other MNGT 1710 classes – high learning

· The Founder – free – disruption play

· Planet coaster career and challenge mode $25

· TTD – open source – transporting passengers

· SIM CEO – Free

· Supply chain management – The beer game – no charge – two different sites MIT Beergame.org

· Marketing – free marketing simulation – need three teams on excel spread sheet

· Entrepreneurship – Steampowered start-up company $10.99us

· Process management – Innov8 – IBM – I have downloaded

· HR – Weekend manager – free

· Financial Management/ Commodities – Salt Seller – need more than 1 player – free

If you have another simulation run it by me!


This assignment should be at least 1000 words in business style writing. There are many sources for references on business writing style. Following are two websites for a business writing style http://www.uoregon.edu/~ddusseau/101/199/style.html and https://cobe.boisestate.edu/files/2009/05/writingstylesv12_0.pdf

· Has a logical and smooth flow of information

· Professionally presented. I.e. stapled in the corner and typed

· Correct grammar and spelling.

· Clearly organized

· Original work – an assignment found to be fabricated or plagiarized will receive 0.


Your write-up should contain information on:

· Describe the game and how it works

· Who did you play against – computer – other teams?

· You will be writing up the game going over:

· What did you learn? Such as

· Business terminology

· Business theories

· Strategy

· Experience – playing a few times

· Dealing with competition

· Customer service

· Other

· What strategies worked, did not work? Did you think of a plan or just winged it. Did you learn the more times you played.

· How realistic is it to the real world? Would you use this particular simulation for “training”. Is it too simple?


Student Name (s) :

Name of Business Simulation:


Description Marks Marks Awarded

· The assignment is easy to read, flows well, concise

· Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation

· Clear organization and use of headings

· Appropriate font size, margins


· Has sufficient depth and breadth

· Logical progression of arguments

· Well thought-out evaluation of the simulation

· Related simulation back to class learnings

· Facts/examples support claims

· Well thought out learnings

· Good Critical Analysis of the learning experience

· Discussed Impact of strategies and decisions during the simulation

· Showed an understanding of the relationships between strategy, decisions and results

Total out of: 50