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it is about my experiences regarding to research

I will write below an important point about me and my experiences regarding to research, ” write this paper depending on the information provided

· My major is special education. my focus is Autism

· I did couple of Literature Review while I am studying my master’s degree such as below:

· Autism: Literature Review on Best Practices

· Best Practices and Procedure for Autist Students, and the Realms of Social, Cognitive, and Emotional Development in Art Therapy

· Abstract

· As teachers and educators of autistic students search for the best practices, art therapy has emerged as one of the strongest techniques. The three realms which are said to be affected by the art therapy in relation to the autistic student are cognitive, social, and emotional. The body of research shows that all areas will be improved in the autistic student’s mind, when he or she is exposed to the techniques and best practices of the current autistic therapy. In order to prepare for 6910, this literature review has been prepared in order to begin constructing an Action Research Project which will consider the special needs of autistic children, and the ways in which both mainstream and specialty teachers can reach out to them and promote understanding and development.


· While I am studying my PhD ” which is now”

· I did below

Research Plan, topic ” Autism in Relation to Second Language Acquisition

· Information about it:

· his paper will seek to understand the current state of the U.S as far as autistic, ESL (English as a Second Language) learners are concerned. The study will attempt to look at the resources that are at the disposal of the aforementioned students by undertaking research in a public-school setting by making use of a survey instrument to collect data. The focus of the ESL learners with autism is those whose home language is Arabic. A study of the current situation of the autistic ESL learners of Arabic background will be done in the effort to map the future by recommending critical and much-needed improvements

· Literature Review about ” Concept Mapping” under topic “Concept Mapping and the Research Process”

· Literature Review about ” The Experiences of Saudi Students at SLU

· My biggest and real research experiences and it was very challenging was on my master degree as a course to graduate under topic ” The Effect of Art Therapy in Improving the Communicative Skills for Students with Autism” it was a case study

· Abstract

· The purpose of this study was to investigate whether art therapy can improve the communication skills of kindergarten students with autism. Art therapy was used on one of the autistic kindergarten student named Anna, studying in my language school. She had speech and language issues. Data was collected by observing and making notes in my personal journal about the gradual improvement in Anna’s communication skills after each art therapy session and by conducting informal interviews on an individual basis with Anna’s special education teacher, parents, art teacher and Anna to get a first-hand experience about the effect of art therapy. Before starting the therapy, Anna’s special education teacher, classroom teacher and mother were made to fill an initial survey form to fully understand her communication and sharing abilities. For much better results, it is suggested that art therapy be continued for a longer period.