Exxon Mobile

After listening to the podcast and reading the NYT article about Exxon Mobile explain how Exxon Mobil is an example of a TNC that operates as an independent global agent alongside nation-states and international organizations. In other words, using examples from the two materials,   show how this TNC’s economic power can influence political decisions both nationally (in the context of the US as a liberal democracy) and internationally (when dealing with foreign governments, the US government, and with international organizations).

In your paper, you need to correctly use class concepts (powerpoints, lectures, Steger’s book).

EXAMPLES OF CONCEPTS YOU CAN USE (you don’t need to use all of them, and you may find others that are relevant).

Nation-state, national government, liberal democracy, illiberal democracy, national sovereignty, national borders, transnational flows (money, goods, people); global markets, transnational corporation, supranational financial institutions (IMF, WB); supranational political organizations (United Nations, WHO), transnational NGOs.

To receive all the points for this assignment you have to address all the four criteria listed below


Full understanding of how Exxon interventions affect other parts of the world.


Full understanding of the ways in which Exxon used its power to influence the political process about climate change in the US.


Correct understanding and use of concepts from readings and lectures