Fable Story Writing

Long ago, there was a young narwhale named Nathan who loved in the Arctic ocean. Nathan was a shy, smart, and kind-hearted narwhale. Nathan had a big family in which he lived with his parents and other 5 siblings. Nathan loved them, and they were a happy family. However, Nathan had difficulty concentrating on his schoolwork because there was always distraction at home.

One day Nathan was working on his science project. However, he kept noticing that his brothers and sisters were watching TV in the living room. Nathan tried to concentrate on the project. But it was so hard for him to look at the textbook, instead, he went out to join with his brothers and sisters. First, Nathan was happy to watch TV with them. But he started to worry about that he might not able to finish his work on time. He became more and more anxious and he felt like he was too deep in the ocean that he could not breath. He tried to get out of the sea surface, but he felt it was too heavy to wave his tail. He went back his room with a sense of frustration and anxiety. He did not finish his science project as he felt too much anxiety inside of his body that he could not move his tail.

Few hours later, his mother came back from outside. Nathan was exhausted as he used all his energy to move his tail to move.