Happiness Engagement



Happiness Engagement

Nasser Y Miranda

University of Phoenix

August 26th, 2018

According to (Berk and Carey 2009), to perform correlation in excel we use a formula CORREL(array1,array2).

There was no relationship between the independent variables age and relationship with coworkers. The correlation coefficient 0.00 indicates no relationship (Tutorialspoint 2016).

There was a moderate positive correlation (0.61) (Tutorialspoint 2016)between independent variable ‘relationship with direct supervisor’ and dependent variable ‘workplace happiness rating’. This implies that as relationship with direct supervisor increased, workplace happiness increased as well. As relationship with supervisor increases, workplace happiness rating increased as well.

There was a weak positive correlation (0.03) (Tutorialspoint 2016)between the independent variable age and dependent variable overall combined rating (combined workplace happiness rating and workplace engagement rating). This mean that as age increase, rating at the workplace increases too but at a very low rate.

There was a moderate correlation (0.60) (Tutorialspoint 2016) between both dependent variables workplace happiness rating and engagement happiness rating. This implies that both workplace happiness rating and engagement happiness rating increase together.


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