HDFS 101 Obituary and Well-being Writing Assignment (25 points)

From an obituary in a newspaper (your home town or Bozeman) select an obituary to review for the assignment and paper. Remember that newspapers are on-line. If you want to use an obituary from your hometown that is OK. Read through the obituary and reflect on the life of the person and write the following response.

Select an obituary to use that can fulfill the parts of the assignment with all 5 parts of the MSU Department of HHD well-being model. Writing in your paper, “There was nothing in the obituary about physical…” is not acceptable. Look for an obituary that has all the parts…and read between the lines.

TYPE the paper within the following sections:

1. Introduction. Who are you writing about? Set the stage, location, date of death (1 points)

2. Comment on physical. Examples might include if the obituary says, “The family requests donations to the American Heart Association”. That could be a clue that the person may have had heart disease. The obituary might have a sentence about “they enjoyed retirement and golfing in Arizona” which is an example of being physically able and staying active as they aged (4 points).

3. Comment on Intellectual. What interested them? Look for clues about what the obituary says they enjoyed doing. Perhaps they enjoyed crossword puzzles, reading books about birds, or traveling and learning about other countries which would give the adult insight and new ideas. (4 points).

4. Comment on social. What threads have been woven through this person’s life? Perhaps they were active with a particular sport or hobby, involved in their faith community, or symphony, or a volunteer in their community, etc. What contributions did they “give” to others with their gift of time? (4 points).

5. Comment on Economic/Financial. Is there evidence stated of monetary and material resources such as employment. Is evidence of socioeconomic status included such as “a member of Valley View Golf Course for over 40 years” enjoyed vacationing with their motor home to Arizona each winter (4 points).

6. Comment on Emotional/Spiritual. Is a faith community listed for where a Memorial Service/Funeral is to occur? Does it state they were a member of a particular church or synagogue….that gives you insight into their spiritual practices? Perhaps they state that donations may be sent to Israel Orphans Charities or Catholic Charities USA. Perhaps they have an interests in “causes” or passions that have an emotional tie with them such as UNICEF or the local food bank or The Ellen Theatre. Were there any comments in the obituary that give you insight to their emotional well-being? (4 points)

7. Copy of obituary included (2 points). Do not put a link, Copy and paste the actual obituary into your paper.

8. Grammar, spelling, following instructions (2 points)