Health Care Management brochure


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Health Care Management brochure

Health care management is a wide and very promising world class job opportunities. The field has a wide coverage in the health sector, coupled with business courses that make the field very attractive and rewarding to those who pursue it. The fields equip students with healthcare issues and emerging challenges that need urgent attention alongside the trends in the health sector. It is a managerial course that opens the candidate to both healthcare professional practice and also healthcare facilities management. The candidates are also equipped with business skills, which will enable the candidate be able to initiate and operate a personal health care facility (Friedman & Kovner, 2017).

Health care management responsibilities and salary

Hospital administrator- manages and runs healthcare facility. The annual salary is about $95,000.

· Healthcare staff recruitment staff- will ensure qualified, talented and competent healthcare staff is taken in for professional work. The annual salary is about $72,000.

· Pharmaceutical project manager- will analyses and invest in promoting some pharmaceutical products in the market. Annual earnings range between $70,000 to $80,000.

· Health care consultant- assists health care industries on the innovativeness. They will identify healthcare problems are research on how to best solve them. They annual salary is about $72,000.

· Health information manager- management of health care information in hospitals and other health care facilities. The annual salary is about $89,000.

· Hospital CFO and CEO- involved in directing and financial planning for the institution. The annual salary is about $386,000.

Academic qualification

The candidate needs to have a bachelor’s degree in health care administration. Entry level is less than 5 years of experience.

Field nature and experience

The need for health care administrators is rapidly increasing. The field is exciting, diverse and competitive.

Job outlook

The employment in the field is projected to increase by 20% by 2026. This is much faster compared to other field. It is projected on the number of people who will be demanding health services by 2016. Internship opportunities are increasing as the number of health care facilities keeps increasing. Over 53% of the organizations being initiated every year are healthcare facilities. These facilities need human resource in which this career fits it (Friedman & Kovner, 2017).


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