Health Information Systems Course Project Blog

WIX Tutorial

1. Access 2. Create a new login 3. Click on + to create a new website 4. Select the type of website, i.e. “BLOG” 5. Select “Start with Wix Editor” 6. Select a template (background) 7. Add a title on homepage 8. Save and create the website URL 9. Publish


Getting Started – Week 1

▶ Add a title for your Blog on the Homepage ▶ Blog should have at least 2 pages/tabs: 1 for your Blog

posts (can be on your Home tab) and another for your biography (About tab)

▶ Save your work often ▶ Click on the Pages Menu drop down arrow at the top to

navigate to each page and add content, each time adding a background, a title, your Blog posts, including images, links, videos, etc.


Adding More Information

▶ Open up YouTube in a new Internet tab and search YouTube for a credible video related to your topic.

▶ From the Pages tab, select the page you want to add a video to. ▶ Click on the + icon and select Video. ▶ Select YouTube. ▶ The default YouTube video will now display in your page. Move it

to where you would like it to display. ▶ Select “Change Video” ▶ Copy and paste the URL from the YouTube tab into Wix under

“What’s the video’s web address?” and then click “Update”. ▶ Your YouTube Video should now display in your website page.

Always add a paragraph as well to describe the video, written in your own words.


Adding a YouTube Video


Select + and Video:


Select YouTube and video will default on your page:


Select Change Video and copy & paste your YouTube Video URL:

▶ Do a google search to find an image for your app, i.e. “images for itriage app”

▶ Select one and then “save image as” to your desktop ▶ In Wix, select the page you want to add the app on ▶ Click on + and Image and My Image Uploads ▶ Click on Upload Images and select your saved image from your

desktop. It will now be added to your Image Uploads library in Wix. ▶ Select the image and click “Add to Page” ▶ You will need to resize it and move it to the appropriate location. ▶ To make it link to a website, click on the chainlink icon, select web

address and copy and paste the appropriate website into the URL. Make sure it is not the image website, but the actual app website.

▶ Always add a paragraph describing the app, written in your own words.


Adding an App image and link


Do a google search for app image:


Select the image and save it to your desktop:


In Wix, select +, Image and My Image Uploads:


Upload image from desktop into Wix image library:


Select image and add to page:


Select the chainlink icon to link image to a website address:

▶ Upgrading will usually result in fees – at no point are you supposed to pay for anything related to this course project website

▶ Check for spelling and grammatical errors ▶ Make sure you have links to any websites or apps that

will open up a new page ▶ Copy & paste your Blog URL into the BB assignment

tab (vs. typing it):


Keep In Mind: