history homework

This three video that u need to watch



For a great documentary of the Rise and Fall of the Aztecs, google “500 Nations II: Mexico, the Rise and Fall of the Aztecs” in YouTube.

Requirement for the 100 word- 150 words paper

Is the story of Christopher Columbus one of a successful discovery or a traumatic destruction?  Fully explain your answer.

· Respond with a well formulated paragraph.  Must be at least 100 words.

· You need to point to at least  3 supporting facts  from the lecture, book, or videos to defend your answer.  You must cite where you received each fact.  Here is an example of a citation: (Module 2, Early Exploration Lecture, Slides 4-6.)

· Do not plagiarize.   There is absolutely no room for plagiarism in this course.

· You will be graded on the following criteria:

· Does the response meet the word recommendation (at least 100 words)?

· Does the response fully answer the question – regardless of the position taken?

· Does the response use at least 3 supporting facts (with citation) to defend his/her position?

· Is the response written with few grammatical errors?