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Homework Essay

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2nd. June. 2018

Making The Best Out of The First Job Opportunity

The main difficulty that most graduates experience after their school life is on the issue of being so choosy, like on deciding on the job offer they should take or rather they should apply for and the one they should actually not give a thought. When one is looking for job may be after school, there could be several opportunities that are actually available but the problem is the fact that the individual has some mentality that all he/ she can do is that which they studied in the college or University.

The labor market is one area that normally offers a lot of opportunity to any individual or rather job seekers but mostly the job seekers tend to have some relatively closed mind that is they can only do what they learnt in school. Basically the institutions of higher learnings do train students to have quite an open mind that can make the be in a position where they can actually get a job in any sector. A graduate is an elite and therefore just requires some slight training and then they can actually perform very well (Hernández, 2017).

The first job opportunity is normally very crucial and one should find every reason to take it no matter how far it may appear to be from what he/she really learnt. Normally you only require some elements of self-motivation and the zeal to give the best in whatever area you will find yourself. When you are motivated from within you can actually face anything that comes your way in the name of job. The first job opportunity actually gives you the exposure and in some way open your understanding and you therefore become diverse in your thinking. Despite the fact that some slight elements of exposure and experience is required you can as well gain it when you have already in the position. It is normally better to take the opportunity and then try to argue when you are already in and the chance has always been preserved by you. It is important you just move fast take the chance make mistakes as you learn and then in due time you will definitely have the experience you need for the job or rather the post but never let the opportunity go.


In as much as some opportunities may look way too far from what you actually graduated with, well some you can just fumble and work it out in the job post so as to get the concept, it is not always obvious that you will always mess things up, just act take the chance and then reason later, some things you can’t break or rather mess up. The main thing that you should be having is that self-drive and some elements of hunger to learn new things and explore various sectors, these will actually help you to meander your way through the new experience.

The other thing is that you should never take anything for granted no matter how meaningless it may look to you. In this interview who would have expected that the mere song that we happened to be singing in my childhood could have help me secure a job. The other issue on taking things seriously is about the incident when I was actually asked by the owner to sing a song, well anyone could have reasoned like that was not actually important at all and even just do some shoddy singing so definitely one never take anything for granted and no matter how simple and meaningless it may look in your eyes and reasoning (Shade & Jacobson, 2015).

Importance of Courage When Dealing with The Employer

The other problem that normally appear to be very heavy to the first time job seekers in how best to communicate with the employer. You find that in many occasions people are normally over taken by fear to the point that simply contacting the employer is just too heavy. Sometimes that fear may cost you a chance that you had secured long time ago but now because you are too afraid to maintain communication then the chance ends up slipping off your hands. Mostly people do fear contacting the employer may be because they feel it will look rude in some way or it will look like they got no respect for the employer when that is not actually the case.

The case I personally went through is a clear proof that sometimes the difference between you and that opportunity could just some courage away. Without making that call in some way I would not have known that the organization had picked me. Contacting the employer directly normally help you to be very straight and to the point, that is the problem you may be having or the issue you want to raise do not have to go through a very long channel, the information goes directly to the required person. The feedback in this case will also appear to be reliable because it actually comes from the horse’s mouth (Zavattaro& Orr, 2017).

Contacting the employer directly is also very important to help establish some strong relationship between these two individuals. The employers normally have quite a busy schedule but of course when they are called by the employees or job seekers it makes the employer have some solid relationship within the individual and also have some second thought if there is an issue that was left pending between the two parties.


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