How Relationships help us be happy



How Relationships help us be happy

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Demir, M., & Sümer, N. (2018). Close relationships and happiness across cultures.

The author of this works starts by saying that healthy relationships are the best things that can happen in life. The writer has looked at how different relationships can make people live in harmony. The author summarizes that others have impacted special events within a culture or society. The author supports the work by including resources from other acclaimed scholars like from Harvard University in support of the researched work. In my research work, I will explore the effects of happiness to a specifically chosen culture and how such a culture can improve more as highlighted by the author.

Guerrero, L. K., Andersen, P. A., & Afifi, W. A. (2017). Close encounters: Communication in

relationships. Sage Publications.

The author tries to explain how communication can lead relationships to be happy. With the sharing of what is happening between two people in a relationship, the author notes that it gets easy to move smoothly. The author looks at places of work and how communication is used to solve disputes. In this work that looks at relationships and communication, the author has given examples multinationals that have failed due to poor relationships between employees and managers. The author also notes that if leaders in a political party do not communicate, then they will fail. In my research, I will look at how communication can make relationships provide happiness. I will reference organizations that have fallen due to poor communication as the author notes.

Keil, M. (2017). Feasibility of the intervention” Compassion as key to happiness, beyond stress

and self-criticism” (Bachelor’s thesis, University of Twente).

Keil tries to communicate that relationships are the key things in life for one to have a fulfilling life. The author says that a person may have all the money, but without satisfying relationships, all is doomed. The author states that the ability to have love is a skill that is great to humans. The author has supported his study by data collected from observing males and how they behave when they have satisfying relationships. The author also supplements the research with information from various family journals on relationships. In my research work, I will look at how healthy relationships can help one live a stress-free life.

Miller, J. B. (2015). The healing connection: How women form relationships in therapy and life.

Beacon Press.

Miller is one author that has a broad experience when it comes to writing about relationships and women. In this book, he looks at how women are good at coming with relationships that help them in the future. The author looks at how women can console themselves in difficult situations as compared to men. The author notes that women can have happiness a lot of time as they are usually in many good relationships. The author supports his work by looking at how tight women organizations are and the way they can keep secrets. In my research, I will want to find out why women can hold on in their relationships for a long time. I will look at women organizations that the writer has mentioned.

Murphy, T. D., & Oberlin, L. (2016). Overcoming Passive-Aggression, Revised Edition: How to

Stop Hidden Anger from Spoiling Your Relationships, Career, and Happiness. Hachette


The author in this works at how satisfying relationships can get rid of anger. The author has extensive experience when it comes to dealing with couples that have had troubled relationships. The author notes that when relationships are satisfying, one can be able to salvage their career, happiness and other things. The author supports this work by looking at poor relationships that have cost couples their career and happiness by giving examples of marriages of well-known people that have tumbled. Through that, the author makes this work reliably. In my research, I will look at how a career can be improved when one is in a healthy relationship as noted by the author. I will look at the resources that the author has cited.

Raymo, J. M. (2015). Living alone in Japan: Relationships with happiness and health.

Demographic Research, 32, 1267-1298.

Raymo looks at how relationships can make a person to have a happiness that is brought by good health. The writer has looked at how Japanese people at times lack because of living alone. The writer believes that satisfying relationships can make one have good health as happiness is guaranteed. The writer has looked at how old people suffer in silence as they lack companions that can help them in having happiness. In my research, I will look at how a happy relationship can make one have satisfying health as the author notes. I will seek to find out what is contained in the resources that he has cited.

Tao, H. L. (2018). Marriage and Happiness: Evidence from Taiwan. Journal of Happiness

Studies, 1-19.

Tao an acclaimed author when it comes to family matters notes that good marriage is maintained by a good relationship between two people that are concerned. When there is happiness in a relationship, then it becomes easy to have a satisfying marriage. This goes to explain that happiness is all that is needed in life. Tao has studied different couples in Taiwan and observes that the happy ones lead a life that is full of success. In my research, I will seek to find out how people in Taiwan have been able to be chosen as the happiest in the world. I will look for several journals that the author has based his research on.

Wadsworth, T. (2016). Marriage and subjective well-being: How and why context matters.

Social Indicators Research, 126(3), 1025-1048.

Wadsworth observes that the only thing that can hold the well-being of a person in a marriage is happiness. For that reason, the author says that a marriage without happiness will go through a lot of obstacles. The author also looks at why happiness is a necessity when it comes to having a satisfying relationship. The author has supplemented his research by studying several social indicators like money, career and a job that may deny couples in marriage their happiness. In my research, I will look at how money and work can deny people happiness in marriage. I will seek to find out why these two social indicators are helpful when it comes to having a happy life that is supported by a strong relationship.