HW5 Guidelines

· Identify a merger or acquisition that took place in 2018 and clip the article from the WSJ or other news source (e.g., Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, or other online resources)

· State the facts:

· Who acquires whom? % of ownership acquired? deal amount? mode of financing (debt, equity, stocks, cash)?

· What did the management of both firms say on the deal (pre and post acquisition)?

· Was the deal a hostile takeover? Were there any competing bids?

· Optional: Support the fact with stock market price graph of the two firms (3-5 months prior to the deal announcement) – stock prices are available on many finance websites (Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Bloomberg etc.)

· Briefly discuss

· What corporate strategy is being pursued through the M&A?

· Why did the firms engage in M&A? Refer to the textbook/class notes for common reasons

· Do you think the M&A is/was a good idea? Justify your position.

· Do you see any problems in the acquisition (support your view with the factors hindering acquisition success) ?

· Notes:

· Use bullet points only

· Cite the source article