I. The Russia: political system President & PM legislature

Study Guide: GFA 213 Exam 2, Su 2016

I. The Russia:

political system

President & PM


Federal Council

The Duma

The Constitutional Court

Russia’s regional governments in the Legislature

The dominant political party in

Russian media except

Russia’s major economic problems

II. China:

Type of government

Communism in China

The Great Leap Forward

Chairman Mao Zedong

China single party system.

Communist party.

Cadres: the civil service role of these

The role of the courts

civil rights, China’s constitution and the reality

The Chinese Premier

China’s economy

Theories, economic development is linked to democracy


human rights.

III. Democratization, Newly industrializing countries (NICs) and emerging democracies.

Newly industrializing countries (NICs)

Emerging democracies.

NIC’s dependence on only export one or two primary products.

Examples of primary products?

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)


The Mexican political System

Compare presidential authority between the U.S. and Mexico

Mexican Congress

Mexican Supreme Court

Up to the year 2000 the dominant political party in Mexico

Institution Revolutionary Party (PRI)

National Action Party (PAN)

Party of Democratic Revolution (PRD).

Interest groups in Mexico?

Mexico’s series of financial crises in the 1980s and 90s



IMF bail-out


The largest religious group in India is


India was a colonial legacy

Indian independence


Mahatma Gandhi

India’s type of government is a

India’s constitution

Legislature: The lower house (House of the People), upper house

Indian Supreme Court justices

prime minister.

India’s conflict with Pakistan over the province of Kashmir.