Identify Your Interview


I’m Interviewing a therapist at a plae called Liferenewal Services.

The person I will interview is a LGPC

In Week 5, you began work on your Final Project by finding websites and online tools to aid in the selection of an interview subject. This week, you will put those sources to use by searching for and identifying your interview subject.

For Part 1 of your Final Project, you will identify the mental health counselor you selected as the interview subject for your Final Project. You will provide a full description of the interview subject, and you will explain why you selected this counselor to interview.

To Prepare:

· Review the Final Project Overview in this week’s Learning Resources.

· Identify the licensed mental health counselor you have selected to interview.

Assignment (1 page):

Using the Final Project Interview Subject Template in this week’s Learning Resources, write a one page summary and include:

· Who you are interviewing.

· Describe his or her professional license, setting, population/specialization, and any other relevant information.

· Explain why you selected this counselor to interview.

· Even though this assignment is only 1 page, you are expected to apply the same APA format and style and scholarly writing requirements that you have applied to other formal writing assignments in this course.

Support your Final Project Part 1 Assignment by citing all resources in APA format and style, including those in the Learning Resources. Be sure to include a reference page for your resources.