Identifying variables

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Kemonte Gaskin

Assignment 5 Identifying

BUSA 2185 – Business Research

September 25,2018

Identifying variables

In this research, “The Dilemma of Current HIV Drugs,” the researcher is trying to find out the core reasons as to why an organization called Medical R&D is facing problems of supplying HIV drugs to its patients because of the effects it has on the patients. The research contains both the independent and dependent variables. The independent variable in this research is that is sex, and the dependent variable is the reaction of the patients to the drugs that they are being given. Sex is the independent variable in this case because it is what results in the spread of HIV hence leading to HIV infection. Due to the infection, the patients have to be administered drugs, and their reaction towards the drugs being administered is the dependent variable.

The control variables that are used in this research consist of gender and age. These control variables are used to ensure the causality of the relationship of the research. Gender as a control variable is used to determine the diverse results of HIV infections amid the females and males. It focuses on how different the men and women react towards the drugs administered to them hence it provides clear info if they are treated the same way or differently. Additionally, age as a control variable being used in the research is used in determining the diverse reactions basing on the age of the victims infected by the HIV infection. Focusing on age, the researcher can determine if people of different age are reacting differently or rather the same have been administered the same dosage of the drug. Concisely, the control variables in the research are based on the research questions that enables the researcher to be able to conduct his or her research and get answers.