Individual Project- Project Outline

Danny M. Price


Project Outline

1. Description of Enterprise:

1. I work at Jeppesen corporation which provides charting engines for the commercial and general aviation industry. They need an operating system that can provide real time charting information to pilots while retrieving data from various sources such as air traffic control, GPS and weather services.

2. Summary of current operating system:

1. The current operating system in use are personal computing devices running windows and Mac OS and android. They are also in the Azure cloud.

3. Virtual or nonvirtual environment:

1. I would like to provide an operating system that can be deployed using multiple processors and cores to allow for virtualization.

4. Scheduling algorithms:

1. Highest Response Ratio Next (HRRN) algorithm.

2. Shortest Process Next (SPN).

5. Benefits and challenges of the algorithm:

1. HRRN – high response time, high throughput, potential reduction in predictability, can lead to starvation

2. SPN – starvation not a problem, variability reduced.

6. Our enterprise environment:

1. Distributed cloud-based system.

7. Description of concurrency mechanism:

1. we are going to use message passing as a means of solving concurrency issues.

2. Synchronization

3. Communication

8. How it supports communication and synchronization:

1. Sender/Receiver

2. Blocking/unblocking states

3. Buffered/Unbuffered messages

4. Reliable/Unreliable Sends