Individual Responsible Leadership Model

Assessment task: Individual Reflective Piece

Word limit: 700 words.

Individual Responsible Leadership Model

For your individual assignment, you are required to submit a reflective piece. In your write-up you should include the following requirements (in whichever order you believe is most logical):

1. Define your purpose in life (“calling”). Your life’s purpose should be the meaning you attach to your life and associated with a higher level beyond your needs and is associated with maximizing community welfare. In articulating your life’s purpose you should discuss how you would be a responsible leader to benefit society.

2. Articulate your vision of your future that is related to your purpose in life.

3. Identify your top three values that are tied to your purpose in life and vision of your future.

4. Discuss key goals, sub-goals, performance metrics, and targets you will adopt to assess your progress towards meeting your key goals and fulfilling your life’s purpose and vision of your future.

5. Identify your key stakeholders.

6. Conduct a S.W.O.T. analysis on yourself. You should relate this analysis to your life’s purpose and your key goals.

7. Discuss the strategies you will adopt to ensure that you and your key stakeholders can all be better off and no one worse off both economically and socially from a Shared Value perspective. Discuss interdependencies among the stakeholders including yourself (i.e., your cluster).

Formatting requirements for the report While the above requirements impose structure into your write-up, and appear analytical and directive, you are required to reflect deeply on them, which should be evident from your writing. You will be penalised for poor writing. You can significantly enhance your mark by applying the relevant concepts learnt in this unit in a deeply reflective manner.

Good Luck..!!