Internal Promotion Opportunity



Internal Promotion Opportunity

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Internal Promotion Opportunity

What story or data point are you using to hook and connect with the audience?

I have the opportunity to convince the top management to consider inward recruiting and promotion. I am a living example of the positive incomes that can be realized from being a low level employee in high-involvement work practices (HIWP) who has made it to a top managerial position. With my current position which I got out of my merit as well as HIWP, I can convince the rest of the top management that there are positive outcomes associated with promoting internal employees in HIWP. I will use my position to connect with my audience and push for my agenda whose results are evidently clear in my promotion from a low level employee to a top management position. The story here will be that employees, such as myself, that have become accustomed to the mission and vision of the company, can have their performance and productivity utilized to attain more specific goals of the organization through inward recruiting and promotion.