International Marketing M3553: Fact Sheet: Politics

Name Mingyu Zhao

Country Monaco

Types of government in your country

Monaco is a constitutional monarchy, so the prince of Monaco is the head of state.

The Grimaldi family led Monaco from 1297 to now. There is only one kind of government. But the government is divided into several departments.

These are the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Freedom of the press, freedom to access the internet

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Freedom of speech is guaranteed by law in article 23 of the constitution of Monaco and freedom of the press. Through this image, only the French and German networks were free in Western Europe, and Monaco was not assessed.

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Political risks within the region. What are main causes?

Danger of failed states within the region?

Attitudes toward foreign investment

Political friction or risks with other regions?

How big an issue is terrorism — in bound or out bound? What kind of terrorism?