interoffice memorandum

interoffice memorandum

to: Peter Thomas, School Principal

from: Nurse Danila

RE: Bobby Jones

subject: Search

I was asked to conduct a search of Bobby Jones following an incident that occurred on the school bus while taking him and other students’ home today.  I was told that Bobby became violent and held down Davis Hilary preventing Davis from exiting the bus. One of the students saw Bobby pull a knife. I understand that no knife was discovered on the bus after Bobby was taken off the bus and returned to school.

I asked Mr. Janses, the math teacher to remain in the room while I examined Bobby. Throughout my interactions with Bobby he appeared docile and seemed deflated following the incident. He said to me that he didn’t want to “hurt nobody,” but that Davis had been throwing him “bad looks” for weeks.   Bobby cooperated fully and I asked him to remove his clothing. I examined each piece of clothing and did not find a knife or other weapon in his cloths or on his person.