IT Project Management Virtucon/Globex scenario Charter

Table of Contents Project Description and Overview 3 Overview of the Project 3 Project Objectives 3 Part 01 : MOV 4 1.1 Desired Area of Impact: 4 1.2 Desired Organisational Values 5 1.3 Metric 5 1.4 Time Frame 6 1.5 Summary 6 Part 02 – Scope Management Plan 7 2.1 Definition of Scope 7 2.2 Scope Management Plan 7 2.2.1 Project Scope 7 2.2.2 Scope Management Plan 7 2.2.3 Scope Description 7 2.2.4 Project Deliverables: 8 2.2.5 Boundaries 8 2.2.6 Resources 8 People 8 Part 03: WBS Using MS Project 11 Part 04 – Project Risk Analysis and Plan 13 Part 05 – Quality management plan 14 5.1 Verification activities 15 5.2 Validation activities 15 Part 06 – Close out and evaluation 16 References 18

Project Description and Overview

Overview of the Project

Globex cooperation was founded in 2013 by merging two biggest regional businesses; Riverina Precision Farming, and B T & Sons Farming Equipment which is now located in the Riverina region (“Globex Corp”, 2017). What Globex cooperation majorly does is providing modern technology as well as helping the traditional technology in order to help the farmers with their agriculture needs.

This project is based on Online Stud Farm Management System (OSFMS). Basically, what an OSFMS does is, breeders contact the stud manager at the farm by calling him or sending him an email. Then the stud manager keeps track of breeder’s details in a spreadsheet and accepts money by Credit/Debit card or cheques (“Virtucon Consultancy”, 2017). This manual record keeping, and payment method is unstable and inefficient so the making of a new online stud management system is needed. The objectives of the project are as follows:

Project Objectives

Enable breeders to make appointments online instead of calling using any web or mobile platform: This allows the breeders to access the system via online and see all the details of the studs and a brief description about their sire and dam and a summary of health hence the breeders can get a basic idea about studs and have the ability to compare two or more studs.

All the guests who accessing the system for the first time need to create an account inserting their name, address, contact details and if they’re part of a company or business they have to insert those details as well. And browsing through studs makes easy by creating a “My Interest” list in the system so anytime they logged in to the system they’ll get notification about Studs that match their interests.

Stud manager and staff have access to all the details regarding studs such as their health examination results, birth certifications, color descriptions their fitness level.

Broodmare and Stallion plays a major role, so the studs are majorly categorized into these two, so the browsing makes easy.

If the breeders, ask for parentage DNA test or any documentation regarding stud’s origin they have the ability to contact the authorized parties and book them for another DNA test.

After the customer went through all the records online and if he/she found a good match he can go to checkout menu and make the payment securely through the payment gateway.

Part 01 – MOV

“MOV is a measure of Success which supports the organisation’s vision, mission and strategy (Akella, 2018, p. 04).” The overall goal of this project is to create a functioning website that breeders can book an appointment on horses and can view the services that the company Globex provides and will also can make the payments online. By doing this it plays a major part in evaluating their whole IT infrastructure. The confidentiality of all the data of the website portal are tightly secured in Globex’s servers. Therefore, this project should not be a failure and we must give a complete picture about the advantages and benefits the company gets from this system.

· Customers get access to search, view and book for horses easily.

· IT platform of the company is improving with the idea of using a website.

· Rapid customer traffic towards the website.

· No time limitations for the customers to book sessions.

· On social media platforms, they’ll gain publicity easily.

· Time and paper waste is set to minimum.

1.1 Desired Area of Impact:

· Strategic – By achieving this goal we can make our way in to breeder’s interest as it’s a new market we haven’t touched yet. By doing the project we gain different competitors related to Stud Managements and we’ll develop our product with more functionalities than our competitors Stud Management software. And also, with introducing of Discount codes and membership bonuses it will play as a great marketing strategy to gain more customers towards our system.

· Customer’s interest towards new OSFMS will definitely increase since it’ll be available on the internet 24/7. Also, customers can freely browse through Stallion/Broodmare as he/she like and if any doubts occurred, he or she can directly request for medical reports, DNA tests, Colour description, Insurance details and so on.

· Financial – The Stud management software/website is estimated to get more than 3000+ online traffic per month according to our research on Globex customers so it’ll directly affect the company’s revenue. And by using the OSFMS, it reduces the use paper and also it reduces a significant amount of manual labour in company’s staff. So, it can be identified as a economically advantage for the company.

· Operational – Since the website-based solution is developed, all the customer’s details specially credit card details are encrypted and stored securely in Globex’s servers. By having a customer database it’s a great opportunity for Globex to make their customer base happy and can make future business plans accordingly.

· Social – By using our product the customers gain technical knowledge on Stud farms and the safety of our service is 100% guaranteed and all the data is secured. And also, Globex dragging up the Stud Management to online level will be a hot topic in all the social media and it’ll be a huge advantage for their Name amongst their competitors.

1.2 Desired Organisational Values

· Better – We must improve the quality of the website and the data on the site should be updated every day with the new details Globex has about their Horses, Breeders, medical conditions, vet details. And also, the payment gateway and the servers and backing up the database at the end of the day are three main things to check in each night before the day ends. By doing that the Globex system is up to date so that the users of the website are not going to disappoint on the system.

· Faster – With the time of Summer the breeders are more likely to visit the website by 6% more time than other time of the year, so the system should be efficient to all that traffic.

· Cheaper – We have to consider that fact of cutting costs, so we’ve decided to shorten the project duration effectively and had some profit margins to have a sound and profitable business model since it’s not something like commonly used website.

· Do More – Globex should definitely want to grow their business with the use of our new product since it’s easier and everything is one click away.

1.3 Metric

Plan sponsor has set the metric to be a 20% return on investment and 100 new customers within the first year of production.

Parameters Quantitative Target
Delivery Time 3 months
Allocated Budget $10000
Rate of return of Investment Year 1 – 20%

Year 2 – 25%

Year 3 – 30%

Stake holders proficiency Year 1 – 31%

Year 2 – 34%

Year 3 – 38%

1.4 Time Frame

plan sponsor has set the metric to be a 20% return on investment and 100 new customers within first year. 25% return and 500 new customers second year, 30% return and 1000 new customers third year.

1.5 Summary

The Globex project will provide a 20% return on investment and 100 new customers within the first year of its operation.

Year MOV
1 20% return on investment

100 new customers

2 25% return on investment

500 new customers

3 30% return on investment

1000 new customers

Part 02 – Scope Management Plan

2.1 Definition of Scope

· Scope defines the boundaries and deliverables of the project that needs to get done, gets done.

· Also, the scope is directly determine using project’s MOV.

· “Defines all the work, activities, and deliverables that the project team much provide for the project to achieve its MOV (Akella, 2018, p. 04).”

2.2 Scope Management Plan

2.2.1 Project Scope

This project will consist of creating a website of Online stud management system which can be used to book horses, get information on horses, history of records and bunch of other functions that carried out by the breeders and also the administration. The project will be completed on September 2018.

2.2.2 Scope Management Plan

This Scope Management Plan addresses the following processes:

1) Scope Definition

2) Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Creation

3) Scope Validation

4) Scope Control

Above processes cooperate with each other always and by implementing properly, the Scope management processes can be a part of managing the Triple Constraint elements of time, schedule and cost to maximize the quality of the project.

2.2.3 Scope Description

The scope of the project is to plan, design, build and implement the online Stud Management System for Globex. Various access and permissions will be granted to specific users of the web admins of the portal to update, manage and view horse information. And also the ability to maintain and keep track of all invoice and financial data. Beside that appropriate personnel can generate reports within a given time period. Each functionality of the system will incorporate with a log book metrics in order to provide a consistent methodology on which to measure program health and status. All the breeders that access to the website can book for a session online then pay after. Requesting for medical records and all documentations related to horses. The scope of this project includes all requirements gathering, planning, design, development, and implementation of the Globex web site.

2.2.4 Project Deliverables:

· Scope Statement

· Risk analysis Plan

· Quality management Plan

· Database

· Security module

· Reports

· Progress Report

· Issue Reports

· All analysis documents

· User manuals

· Help options

· Hosted web system

· Prototype

· Final Product

2.2.5 Boundaries

The Project includes all work associated with planning, designing, building, and implementing the online stud management system Tool for Globex. This includes requirements gathering, gathering input from all departments, conceptual and technical design and coding work, server configuration, testing, troubleshooting, and deployment of the website. This also includes training manuals and materials associated with handling the website. Not included in the scope of this project are: ongoing Social media marketing.

2.2.6 Resources People

Name Role Responsibility
Verticon Project Sponsor · Scope management plan is approved by the Sponsors.

· Provide Project Charter as high-level scope definition.

· Review scope issues and show the right way to solve them.

· Scope change requests needs to be approved by Project Sponsor.

· Fully responsibility for making decisions at scope management activities.

Gopi Akella Executive Steering Committee · Participates in Scope definition activities.

· Responsible for approving the final scope management plan.

· Reviews major scope change requests and makes final decision or recommendations to the Project Sponsor.

· Review scope change requests and report it to the Project sponsor with recommendations and possible solutions.

Dilan Kalpa Project Manager · Fully responsible for scope Management.

· Oversees the development of the Scope Management Plan & Scope change management process.

· Approves scope change requests within his/her authority.

· Escalates scope and change issues.

· He has to make sure that the scope changes are incorporated into Project documentation.

John Morris Contract Manager · May have a role in deliverable verification and acceptance when the deliverable is required under contract terms.
Lebron James

James Harden

Kyle Irving

Project Team Members and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) · Project scope statement is developed using their help.

· Submit scope change requests.

· They also review scope change requests when assigned.

· Provide feedback as and when required.

· Participate in team-level scope change reviews.

Michael Jordan

Rich Piana

Arnold Martin

Independent Verification and Validation · Provides an ongoing independent review and analysis of project scope management practices.

· Monitors scope changes and provide feedback. Other resources

· Technical Resources:

· Need a windows server 2012 or higher

· SQL Server 2012 or higher

· Dropbox premium business for cloud backup

· Server should be up and running 24/7

· Wi-Fi router for Network

· Facilities:

· All the data is stored in above Server

· All the data should back up to cloud at the end of the day.

Part 03 – WBS Using MS Project

Part 04 – Project Risk Analysis and Plan

Type Risk Priority Cause Person Responsible Area of Impact Solution Result
Known Client’s requirements are not met with the final Product 01 People Business


Scope Make sure that the team has gathered a proper requirement gathering plan and after requirements are gathered,

Before proceeding with the plan, all the meetings should be documented, reviewed and finalized by the stakeholders.

Have to add extra time and resources since the project’s going is Overdue.
Known-Unknown Unable to complete the project due to insufficient or inefficient resources. 02 Technology Technical Specialist Quality When purchasing hardware/software resources ensure that all of them are matching and compatible with the system by communicating with developers and hardware vendors. Portion to budget will be added by the request of project manager. Highly affect the customer satisfaction.
Known Coding of software is not up to standard. 03 Process Project Manager and Development Team Quality All the developers should have a common and proper coding standard. Extra time period will have added to time line to achieve target objective.
Known-Unknown The budget has exceeded than the planned budget value. 04 Process Project manager Budget When creating the budget plan, make sure to consider future costs and make the plan accordingly. Project is overbudget; means it’s failure.
Unknown-Unknown Expected customer base is not reaching its limit.

(Not enough customers)

05 Product/People Business Team Budget Promote and market the product in a more strategically way and awareness of new trends to make the product more reliable. Expected customer purchasing targets are not achieved so it directly affect the budget of the product/project.

Part 05 – Quality management plan

In a quality management plan, there are several aspects that needs to be considered.

· Quality standards

· Quality roles and activities

· Quality objectives

· Project deliverables

· Quality tools

The main role of developing quality management plan is to address the quality management process in final stage of the project. It is stated under the milestone of close out as the first task. The project manager and team members are responsible for the deliverables. Those deliverables in the MOV should meet with expected quality level and effective in practical world. Also, documentation in project will address the quality of the deliverable to Globex.

Personnel involved in quality management plan are mentioned in the below.

· Project manager

· Team members

· Customer

· Project sponsor

5.1 Verification activities

What we majorly do in verification activities is to test and review the steps and work inside software life cycle and make sure those are on track.

· Verification of product being built according to approved software requirements.

· Verification of statistics (Checking statistics using tools).

· Testing the prototype with the client.

· Evaluation and usability testing.

· Inspecting and reviewing.

5.2 Validation activities

When the product is ready to execute we have to make sure that the final result met client requirements and a perfect match for business need.

· Unit Testing

· Requirement Testing

· Use dynamic testing strategies

· Code review

Part 06 – Close out and evaluation

Like in managing the project, management of the project can be produce and arrange. in evaluation and close out documentation of project, a detailed list of tasks can be shown. In this detailed list, task handler, time period and feedback can be added. This enable the project and team members to prioritize their task and objectives properly. Closer list should contain below aspects

· Deliverable checklist signed by authorization committee or the sponsor.

· Final project progress reports signed by project manager

· Project reviews by client

· Complete checklist of deliverables

· Performance and evaluation of team members and project manager.

· Budget details

· Risk management plan

· Sub contracts taken under to complete the project

· Reports on sites operations and accommodations

· Waste management plan.

· Short verified statement about project completion by the team

· Storage of documents of the projects.

By having these documents and reports, it enables project manager to provide suitable responsibilities for a framework for effective and successful completion of the project. Project closeout has two main activity groups. Those are mentioned in the below.

Administrative closure- this process will define the activities and administrative related actions and responsibilities of the project team and client’s process. (guide, 2006) By carrying out administrative close out process, it enables to collect project records, gather lessons learned, and transfer project productions to operation or production stage and also store product information and project information for future use by the company. (guide, 2006). Also some of them are mentioned in the below.

· Verifying all the deliverables meet client, customer and stake holder requirements

· Verifying exit stage has been met essential requirements. (guide, 2006)

Contract closure- this closure contains the activities that needed to close any contract held in the project as well as supported documents for administrative documents. These contract documents give the image that all the workload in the project has been satisfactory and completed with any obstacle. Among this closure documents (guide, 2006). Some of them are mentioned in the below.

· Confirmation that the project noticed the terms and conditions of all the contracts undergo in project work load.

· Confirmation of completion of exit criteria for contract closure (guide, 2006).

Key elements of project closeout are;

· Conduct post project review and evaluation

· Recognize and celebrate project work. (guide, 2006)

· Make sure of transfer of knowledge

· Complete and store final product records

· Conduct post-project assessment and lessons learned (guide, 2006)

There will document of risk analysis based on the external and internal conditions of the project. Also reviews against expectation of project objectives will be much guide to preserve the knowledge for future projects. (Dcosta, 2010)

Stakeholder acceptance meeting is a meeting with the project team to review the deliverables of project. The main reason meeting is to verify and accept the project deliverables. In this meeting, close documentation can be handed out to stake holders and final invoice can be generated by the project manager. The deliverables can be explained to stake holders via IT platform. (guru, 2012)

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