Java Sea Questions

1. What are the 3 general causes of marine casualties?

2. What was the most probable cause of this accident?

3. Contributing causes include:

4. Who is making these contributing causes? Who is making the comments?

5. Do you agree with the following: ‘contributing cause was failure of vessel’s personnel to take appropriate action and correct list’

a. What did they do to correct it?

b. How much time did they have?

6. What kind of data was collected and how was it collected?

7. What’s the diff between wave and swell?

8. What were ship dimensions? Sketch ship showing chain layout.

9. What caused the list? What does conclusion 5 say about attempt to correct it?

10. 60-80 knots = ?

11. Why was JavaSea not moved off drill site? Where could it have gone? Show on map showing storm direction and drill site.

12. Who is the ‘Master’?

13. Explain the comment to conclusion 25 p 4

14. What caused the hull damage

15. What is said about communication p 6?

16. Where/how was Ray Miller found?

17. Describe the project involving American and Chinese companies.

18. Who owned java sea? Who operated java sea?

19. Describe contract p 16. Comment.

20. Exact location of ship (coordinates). Find on google earth

21. Describe the chain layout scenario. How were chains moved, retrieved and dealt with in emergencies?

22. How did JavaSea prepare for Lex?

23. What about evacuation from the ship?

24. What is rolling? What is pitching?

25. Summarize events p 28-32.

26. Characterize the communications p 32-37.

27. What is Nanhai 205? What did it find on return to drill site at 1110 Oct 26?

28. What was found in the search for the ship?

29. How did drillship crew respond to the list? Was this correct? Did it matter?

30. What metal failures were found in hull and chains?

31. Describe sampling to determine hull issues. How were samples analyzed?

32. Describe anchor chain failures.

33. What times did the clocks show? Interpret.

34. How many bodies recovered? Where were the rest? Did anyone escape? Comment.

35. Interpret last paragraph p 48.