Job Application Letter

Your works in Art major:

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Final Project. BISIA 240 Creativity: Paint and Mixed media. Fall 2017.

In this artwork, Vancie’s portrait uses acrylic and regular gel gloss to capture and express the emotions and expressions of human moments. She draws inspiration from the creation of art in expressing emotions through human portraiture in ways that provoke the thought and emotions of different individuals. By exploring happiness, helpless and despair, her work uses bright colors and dark shadows with intention of drawing in viewers as witnesses while creating associations of thoughts and emotions. Her audiences can easily relate to the paintings since the same emotions are felt among people on a daily basis. Moreover, the brightly painted portraits provoke the feelings of the audience as well as feel attractive to the eye leading to a powerful connection.

I chose this work because it is a good example of my ability to express my ideas well through my painting skills in a clear way. I use painting to discuss the topic, not a paper, because I think I will reach more audiences in this art ear. This is exactly what I want to get to know more super powered people who like drawing as much as I do.

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Project 1. BISIA 340: Visual Art Workshop: Hybrid Art. Winter 2018.

In this artwork, Vancie well uses collage and acrylic combined with real bird feathers in order to reflect a vivid canvas board, shows how the animals are influenced by ocean pollution. And indirectly, she shows the severity of the impact of pollution on human health and resources. Her work uses a seagull who ate too much marine garbage and eventually caused died to explore how Marine pollution is a problem that directly affects the balance of Marine life and nature; finds out the animal were just the latest of a mounting tally of victims claimed by plastic and trash pollution of the ocean.

I chose this work because it highlights my social value. I can through my art to remind people to protect the marine environment, and revert a home for marine animals to live on. Make use of art, I will reminding people to always understand that littering conduct is harmful and people should always look out for ethical acts among themself when going to beach and taking a boat trip.

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Final Project. BISIA 340: Visual Art Workshop: Hybrid Art. Winter 2018.

In this work, Vancie studies special groups of people in China engaged in state performances and state protection. She Interviews and learns about their daily lives and dedication. Her work brings two kinds of people who sacrifice for Chinese national treasures. One is national Beijing opera actress and the other is national panda keeper, both special people who can’t go home for the holidays and stick to their jobs. Her work uses 2D acrylic paint and 3D paper machine mask shows how they are ordinary but quietly devote. She also shows their super bitter mind and speaks for them in an artistic way helps them to be concerned and respected.

I chose this work because it well demonstrates that I have the strong ability to publicize the profound Chinese culture through my works of art, also proves that I have the ability to use my skills learned from class to help those special people get attention and lead society to thank those strange people who have made contributions to the majority.

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Portfolio of Interventions. BISIA 319: Interdisciplinary Arts. Spring 2018

In this work of photography combined with painting, Vancie expresses that every object in life can be a work of art. Using a lamp and a transparent balloon to get involved in a painting, she creates a three-dimensional layer over a two-dimensional painting. The hole in the photo is actually the reflection of the lamp on the balloon. And some mirror reflections of her holding the phone. By intervening, all creatures appear to be trapped in a spherical prison. The two symmetrical holes are like doors, visible but never able to get out. Her works reflect a creature’s grief, imprisonment, as well as her helplessness trapped by troubles in real life. Her work tells that art needs to be analyzed with an eye toward how it helps us share, interact, and participate with one another.

I chose this work because it successfully confirms my ability to combine art and technology. I firmly believe that I am an artist who can turn everything in life into art.

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Final Project. BIS 440 Advanced Visual and Media Workshop: Studio Art in Rome When In Rome: Interdisciplinary Studio Art & Italian Culture, Summer A Term, 2018.

In this work, Vancie demonstrates a combination of reality and surrealism by using Photoshop techniques. She uses images to remember things, good or bad, which are all precious experiences. Visiting Italian buildings such as churches, Colosseum and museums inspires her work. Her work uses photo conversion and mixed media to combine herself with ghosts. Using Photoshop techniques to creates a dark, surrealist still image: a god of death drives a yellow taxi, the numerous bats flying out of his mouth grab hotel guests and swallow them into his stomach.

I chose to use this piece for my portfolio because it highlights my imagination´╝î

As an artist, imagination is an important element. It gives me an advantage in my job because graphic design is exactly what I want to do in the future; imagination can help me to design satisfactory logos and posters.