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Job Description

It is imperative to recognize the fact that all vacancies that are announced by corporate entities cannot be filled without proper qualifications that suit such positions. In this corporate entities list new job openings with their descriptions so that interested candidates can apply for them based on what the job requires. Elsewhere, job description provides an outline of the specific knowledge and skills needed by a corporate entity from the potential employees (Baker, 2017). It spells out the duties and responsibilities of the job and once prepared, it serves as the basis for interviewing all the potential employees. Similarly, it forms the basis for employee orientation and job evaluation. This paper provides a detailed job description for accounts coordinator that the author would like to move in.

Job overview

Accounts coordinator is an entry-level job that enables one to provide accountancy services in accountancy department in an organization. The accounts coordinator provides administrative as well as customer support services to the accounts executive in an organization. Furthermore, an accounts coordinator is charged with the responsibility of assisting in the day-to-day administration in areas such as marketing, and public relation with the objective of attracting any potential clients or customers and retaining the existing ones. Equally important, an accounts coordinator takes over the management of all the accounts under the organization. In this regard, successful candidates must possess very strong interpersonal skills and have a proven track record of successful management.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities appear to be the most important part of the job description. This is because it outlines the functions to be performed by the said position on a regular basis and how a particular job functions or relates to other functions within the organization. In this regard, the duties and responsibilities of an accounts coordinator would include:

· Generating and making follow-ups on business leads.

· Addressing clients’ issues and making follow-ups to ensure that they are fully satisfied.

· Setting and achieving retention goals for accounts that are assigned to him or her.

· Using company resources in an effective manner to grow the business without adding any unnecessary expenses to the company’s bottom line.

· Evaluating books of accounts making necessary updates or entries .


The qualification part includes the previous job experience as well as the technical know-how or skills possessed by an individual. Therefore, the necessary qualifications for this position include:

· A bachelor’s degree in commerce or business administration.

· At least five years experience in accounts coordination.

· Strong interpersonal communication and marketing skills.

· A good track record of client retention results.

There are various ways of determining duties and qualification. For instance, based on the competitive nature of the job, it is important to raise the standards so as to get the most qualified personnel (Ellington, Brannick & Levine, 2015). Elsewhere, when creating the job description, the author was guided by such employment laws as the equal employment opportunity Act which establishes the equal employment opportunity commission that is charged with ensuring that there are no any forms of discrimination at the workplace. For instance, this is a highly coveted position that is more likely to be entangled in workplace discrimination to eliminate others from the waiting list. On the other hand, the author considered the Civil Rights Act Title VII of 1964. The Act prohibits against any form of discrimination against employees provided they have the requisite knowledge and skills.

In summary, job description provides an outline of the specific knowledge and skills needed by a corporate entity from the potential employees.


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