journal entry

4. Journal Entry: McMillian frames his discussion of fairness into the following categories: (read the attached chapter from the book) to understand the topic.

· Fairness related to student learning targets and assessment

· Fairness related to opportunities to learn

· Fairness related to student prerequisite knowledge and skills

· Fairness related to absence to bias in assessment tasks and scoring

· Fairness related to avoiding stereotypes

· Fairness related to accommodating special needs

In your classroom you are preparing to teach a unit on a topic of your choosing which includes preparing the end of unit test. In your journal response:

1. Briefly describe what the unit is about.

2. Discuss as specifically as possible within the context of your chosen unit topic, the steps you would take to help ensure your end of unit test is fair. In your discussion be sure to address each of the McMillian’s six categories.

Due: Sep 27. 2018 in 24 hours

Length: a page and a half, double spaced.