Learning Activity

Learning Activity #1

The relationship between business, government and society has been compared to a circle.  Business being the starting and end points. Agree or disagree with the statement explaining why.

Learning Activity #2

Review the table below.  Items in blue represent economic topics, while items in brown represent factors.

Notice the economic topics across the top row with their factors listed below.

Complete the following tasks:

· Define and discuss each economic topic and identify whether the economic topic is relevant to microeconomics or macroeconomics and explain why.

· Select one factor from two of the economic topics and explain how the factor exemplifies the economic topic.

· Only respond to classmates who have chosen at least one different economic topic than what you presented.

Balance of Trade Supply and Demand Company Use of Scarce Resources Employment GDP Health Indicators
Selling corn to Russia Selling a kidney on EBAY Credit card interest Rates Aging population Rise in Federal Interest Rates
Outsourcing jobs Diamonds vs. water Water quality Health Insurance A downturn in the housing rate
Buying coffee Gas prices when OPEC reduces production Seafood from the Chesapeake Bay Wage growth Mortgage Interest Rates