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Zhipeng Jiang


Zhipeng Jiang

6000 University Pkwy

San Bernardino CA 92407


Forrest and John Mars

Mars, Incorporated

6885 Elm Street

McLean, Virginia 22101

Dear Mr. Forrest and John Mars,


Let me begin by thanking you for the hard effort you have put to ensure that Mars has been performing well in terms of profitability. As a shareholder of this company, I am concerned with the fact that there has been an increase in child labor cases in West Africa. This company relies on this region for its cocoa supply and therefore as a shareholder I believe that this issue of child labor really concerns me as an individual and also the company as a whole. I believe that Mars and its shareholders are concerned with the working conditions of those who supply cocoa to the company. Likewise, you would also agree with me that child labor is not acceptable and therefore, promoting the well being of those who supply cocoa is of great importance.

Following these concerns, I would recommend the company to invest its time and resources in educating the involved societies on the issue of child labor. It would be essential to empower the West African cocoa suppliers by educating them on child labor. The company may invest in sponsorship programs that will ensure children from these areas are able to access education to help minimize poverty in this region.

Mars needs to reach government officials from these regions so as they can also help in fighting the increasing child labor. I also recommend Mars to influence other companies who manufacture cocoa related products to also adopt these and other recommendations. Mars needs to set a good example by buying fair trade cocoa products and supporting practices that do not involve child labor.

I am a long-term associate of this company and as a way of promoting ethical practices, I fully support just, humane and sustainable practices. As a committed shareholder of the company, I hope you will consider these recommendations as soon as possible to promote the well being of the larger society.

Yours sincerely,