M3 Assignment 1: Discussion Question

Consider a team that you have been a member of. This can be a work team, sports team, school team etc. Explain the purpose of the team, the group task functions, the individual task functions, and if the team met their desired goals. Use examples to clarify your response.

I was a US Marine (NOT soldier), and was a Crew Chief for a M1 Abram Tank. Please use this as the “team that I have been a member of.”


I was in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. I liberated Kuwait.

“If goals were not met, people died, regardless if training exercise or an actual event.”

Please let me know if you have questions…

By 9/21/18 8PM PST, respond to the discussion question assigned by the Faculty, in approx 1 page. Use at least 3 scholarly sources to support your ideas/opinion. Submit your response to the appropriate Discussion Area.

Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Quality of initial posting, including fulfillment of assignment instructions 16
Quality of responses to classmates 12
Frequency of responses to classmates 4
Reference to supporting readings and other materials 4
Language and grammar 4
Total: 40