Managing and Creating Broadcast News

Managing and Creating Broadcast News

Activity Due Date Format Grading Percent
Individual Reflection and Team Collaboration Day 3

(1st Post)

Budget Meeting 5
Managing Decisions for Broadcast News Media Day 3

(1st Post)

News Talk 4
Broadcast News Publication Day 7 News Team Publication 10

Learning Outcomes

This week students will

1. Collaborate with their news team on gathering news from current events.

2. Analyze the state of broadcast media and discuss the role of news media organizations in delivering news in this format.

3. Produce broadcast news programs with their news teams.


Seeing is believing and hearing is often the next best thing. Broadcast media is a strong force in our society when it comes to choices for news, and television is certainly ahead of radio in that regard. These mediums still face challenges in the process of gathering and delivering the news. This week we will explore broadcast news media outlets and the management of them. You will also work with your news teams to create scripts for a television broadcast and a radio broadcast for your audience.