Managing Change within an Organization


Managing Change within an Organization

The objective of the study

To study change management within an organization.

Reasons for this study

The reason for taking this study is that Organization’s just like human beings do change example, through relocation, restructuring, diversification of products and services, thus there is a need for both organizations management and teams to embrace change within their organizations to achieve its desired goals and objectives. The difference is, therefore, a day to day activity that is practiced in the organization to curb competition, change in technology, need to improve process and change in government regulations. (Strauss et al., 2018)

Problem statement

The problem of the study is the management of change within an organization. Most of the organization are not able to practice change within their organization. The research design that will be applied in this study is in the form of a case study design which involves collecting of data from one unit. This methodology according to Hayes (2017) is useful in understanding occurrences and their consequence within a specified circumstance. The reason for choosing this methodology is to allow the researcher to study and collect data within a specified unit and in a comprehensive manner. The case study design is beneficial for this study as the results gotten will provide insight into understanding how organizations manage the changes it experiences and the factors that inhibit the change process. The data will be collected in a qualitative nature, using questionnaires and personal interviews that will be recorded in tape recorders for further review. The top management of an organization and employees will be the key respondents.


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