Principles of Digital Marketing

Activities 1-3

June 2018

Activity 1Marketing Vision

People – (Marketing Personnel Values) Brand – (Family Friendly Value)
· Professional

· Customer Service Oriented

· Team Player

· Empathy

· Competitiveness

· Innovative and Creative

· Networking Ability

· Confident and

· Enthusiastic

· An Attitude of Gratitude

· Warm and Friendly Services

· Unique and Relaxing Experience

· Mindful of Clients’ Well-being

· Quality

· Diversity

· Supporting Sustainability

· Cost-consciousness

· Desire to be the best

Activity 2: SWOT Analysis

Porters 5 Forces Environmental Analysis:

Force What’s Happening Pressure Impact
Competitive Rivalry · Existence of big brands such as Macdonald’s, Ruby, and medium as well as smaller brands High Less market share
Bargaining Power of Customers · Customers are price-sensitive

· Supplying industry comprises of a large number of small operators

· Customer’s have the ability to produce the product themselves

High High customers bargaining power
Bargaining Power of Suppliers · Lack of differentiation among the suppliers’ products Low Existence of a number of suppliers
Threat of New Entrants · Complex set of permissions to enter the industry, for example: Brand loyalty of customers; Cost advantages of existing players due to experience curve effects of operation with fully depreciated assets; Economies of scale (minimum size requirements for profitable operations); Protected intellectual property like patents, licenses etc; Scarcity of important resources, e.g. qualified expert staff; and High initial investments and fixed costs, Low New entrant not quite easy due to tough barriers of entry
Threat of Substitute Products · Differentiation of available products, since ours are unique (traditional home-styled products) Low Capability of selling more products

Activity 3: Target Market and Media

Current Target Markets:

Residential Community: Business Community:
· Single family households

· Multifamily households

· Family get-together and gatherings

· Couples

· Business travelers

· Solo travelers and backpackers

· Seminars/Conferences/Workshops

· Catering services for meetings

Current Audiences:

Customer Touch Points:

Touch Point Department Does it Meet Their Expectation/Need? Competitive Edge
Loyalty & Birthday Club Programs Marketing · Schedule of upcoming events and special menu items communicated

· Catering services communicated

· Could be more interactive

· Eliminate internal silos through effective communication
Website Marketing · Keeping up to date with sales and events

· Monitoring inventories and time of meals

· Improve customer experience by providing a 360-degree view of their transactions and activities

· Implementing a dependable system that facilitates voluminous data collection and analysis in real-time

· Integrate real-time data collection and analysis

· Integrate POS system

· Use more videos and products

· Predict and respond to current market as well as client trends and changes in the industry

Facebook Marketing · High-quality product placement

· Schedule of upcoming events and special menu items

· May well be more interactive

· Stay ahead of postings

· Integrate more customer experience videos, “selfies” and snapshots

YouTube Marketing · High-quality product placement

· Schedule of upcoming events and special menu items

· May well be more interactive

· Predict as well as respond to clients’ needs and demands

· Use more video