Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy



Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy

Company’s Target Market

The target market for Fruitfit Company that is located in the city of Samut Prakan, Thailand, consists of both the youths and the aged population. The age bracket of the targeted population is between 24 to 70 years of age. The fruits and vegetable beverages target the age group that is cautious of their health regarding harmful chemicals in soft drinks. The herbs contained in the beverages of Fruitfit Company are also regarded for medicinal purposes. The product of the company does not target any specific demographic groups in terms of education, income, or ethnic group. However, the 24-70 age groups are the primary target of the company since the youths and the adults are the majority of the city while the herbal content of the beverages targets the aged population. As per the age structure of Thailand, the 25-54 age group accounts for 46.32% of the total population of the nation (The World Factbook., n.d). The company is located in the central part of the city, which has an average population of 388,920 individuals. The targeted individuals in the city are people who consider natural products that are free of chemicals. Their taste is in line with the mission of the company, which is aimed at providing the fruit and vegetable beverages that are natural and free of harmful chemicals.

Company’s Market Competition

The marketing strategy that is deployed by Fruitfit Company to obtain the competitive advantage is through differentiation (Sherlekar, Prasad & Victor, 2010). It is achieved through the production of the organic beverage rather than the commercial ones. Considering that stable companies that manufacture non-alcoholic beverages are a vital threat in competing for the market, the organization decided to venture into the manufacture of the fruits and vegetable beverages and integrated with herbs. The approach is appropriate to attain the competitive advantage since there is global awareness regarding harmful chemicals that exist in the commercial drinks. Citizens are moving away from the commercial drinks since their chemical content is posing a harmful risk to their health. The global awareness of such risks has given Fruitfit Company the competitive advantage since people prefer taking their products. In addition, Fruitfit Company has numerous outlets within the city and across the nation that deliver the beverage close to the clients which will ease access by the buyers.

The organization also chose fruits and vegetables as ingredients in its beverage since they are readily available from the farmers and are less expensive. Competition is the major challenge in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, which prompts each company producing such beverages to obtain differentiated approaches to obtain the competitive advantage. Therefore, Fruitfit Company took the approach of producing the organic beverages as a differentiation factor. The global awareness regarding the harmful effects of the chemicals present in the commercial beverages has enabled the organization to compete favorably in the industry with a stable organization in the industry. In essence, differentiation through the production of the organic beverages from fruits and vegetables has offered the organization a competitive advantage in the beverage industry.

Clarification of the Company’s Message

The main focus of Fruitful Company is to provide healthy beverages to the clients and enhance customer satisfaction. The five F’s that will clarify the message of the company are the focus, follow-through, feedback, flexibility, and fun (Rudman, 2012). The primary focus of Fruitfit is to provide healthy beverages that will enhance customer satisfaction. This is achieved by producing refreshing beverages that are made from fruits and vegetable, which are nutritious and free from harmful chemicals. Regarding follow-through, the organization ensures that the appropriate procedures in the production of the beverages are followed and all the standards are adhered to effectively. The organization is highly flexible regarding the market trends. Such flexibility is attained through feedback obtained from the clients and experts. Information that requires flexibility includes market prices, change in policies, and change in customer’s taste. Regarding fun, the strategies deployed by Fruitfit Company do not only enhance the strategic development of the company but also inspire both the employees and the clients. In essence, the company’s message of Fruitfit Company is clarified through the five F’s as it has been illustrated.

Marketing Vehicles

Fruitfit Company will deploy the media as its marketing vehicle. The media sources to be used in the marketing process include social media, television channels, and magazines (Sherlekar, Prasad & Victor, 2010). Considering that Fruitfit has its groceries and joints close to the clients, it does not require moving around with the products to showcase them to the clients. The customers only need the direction of the groceries and the ingredients used in the preparation of the beverages. Such information can be achieved effectively through the media. The company is able to reach a vast population over a short period of time through media advertisement. Besides, the choice of varied means of media advertisement enables the organization to reach different types of clients who are unable to access one of the media sources used.


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