Masters in Special Education


Hello Everyone, My name is Trevis Turner and I am a 54 year old single mother of two beautiful daughter 31 and 23 and I have one grandson that is 7 years old. As you can see from my first page , I am a Guardian AD Litem in North Carolina servicing two counties.


Masters in Special Education

I am currently pursuing my degree in Special Education, but I will definitely be using my degree to help my church and the children in the community with their disabilities. My plan is to give them the extra support needed outside the classroom and the church will provide a facility for this purpose.



Evaluate how the purposeful integration of technology in instruction and assessment supports student acquisition of 21st century skills.

Evaluate a variety of digital and assistive technologies for supporting diverse learners.

Apply the principles of Universal Design for learning (UDL) in the design of instruction and assessment.

Analyze the impact of technological competency on professional advancement.

The clip art says it all for me, the CLO’s are definitely inspiring and motivational, I just hope I will be able to gain the knowledge and skills that it will take to be able to apply this to my future for the children’s sake. The world is definitely tech savvy and I will need much help in this area. However; the CLO’s will help me be able to market the materials that I will be needing for the community outreach programs that will help children with disabilities. The more I learn how to use the different digital outlets the more people I will be able to reach. Children love to use video equipment, cell phones, tablets, and computers so we have to upgrade and move with the 21st century with technology.



The role that I will be playing for my final project will be a Community Center Representative. I am excited to learn about how to market and engage the community with the ideas I have for the children with disabilities. My concern is being able to being able to use the skills needed for the digital technology. My children are still teaching me how to sue my cellphone features.

I look forward to learning how to use the technology for this class.