MAT101 Upload Document: Discussion #5

In the text field below, please provide your response to the following discussion prompt in 250-500 words. Then save the file as either .doc or .docx format, and upload the document into the Upload Area for Discussion 5:

Question 1:

It costs $5 to enter a park, plus an extra cost to go on each ride. The function to describe the total cost for a visitor is , where x is the number of rides the visitor went on. What is the slope of this linear function, and what does it represent?

Question 2:

When solving a quadratic equation, do you prefer to solve it by factoring, using the quadratic equation, or some other method? Why?

Question 3:

How do you determine if the graph of a rational function has any vertical asymptotes?

Question 4:

The population of a town can be modeled by the function , where t is the number of years since 1970. Evaluate the function when t = 50, and interpret the answer in the context of this town’s population.

Question 5:

Do you prefer to solve a system of equations using elimination, substitution, or with matrices? Why?

Final Prompt:

Write approximately 150 to 250 words as you reflect on the concepts you have learned in this class. The following ideas are suggestions. You may choose one or two of these, or pick your own.

· What math concepts or strategies from this do you use in your personal or professional life, and how? Or, what can you imagine that you will use?

· What topic or math procedure might you be interested in learning more about? What is it about this topic that interests you?

· What topic gave you the most trouble? Why was it difficult? Up to what point in the process did you feel comfortable?

· If you had to take the class again, would you approach it differently? Would you study in the same place, at the same time, for the same number of hours per week?

· If you sought help from friends, family, tutors, or teachers, what helped you and what did not? Did you get any advice that you can carry to other educational endeavors?

Please use double-spacing, and include a standard header with your Name, Course, Assignment, and Date.”

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