McKenzie Berndt

McKenzie Berndt


McKenzie Berndt

My name is McKenzie Berndt. I have been married for 17 years to my husband Josh and have two children; Hallee who is 15 and Josh Jr. who is 11. My family and I currently live in South Carolina. My husband is in the military and over the past 17 years we have lived in seven states. We are planning on staying here in South Carolina until our daughter graduates from high school and then plan on moving out west where most of our family lives.



I currently am certified in Emotional Disabilities but work as a behavior resource teacher at an elementary school. The class I teach is a pilot program to assist students with behavioral issues and teaching the students how to regulate his or her emotions. I teach a lot of social skills and also push in with students during times where he or she have difficulties. Since implementing this program the school I am at has seen a huge decline in behavior and I am hoping that this program will continue on to other schools in our district.



My goal in earning this degree is to try and learn as much information that I can and use that information within the classroom. I want to be able to help as many students as I can and help him or her to reach his or her goals and dreams.


Learning Outcomes

The mastery of each CLO will make me more marketable in my profession because it will give me the knowledge and skills of how to integrate different things into the classroom so that my students can be more successful. It also gives me the understanding of diverse learners and how to teach so that each student learns to the best of his or her ability. This also allows me to be more effective by learning about how to utilize different strategies for the different types of learners. Knowing and understanding how to do this will make me a better employee and teacher.


Final project

For the final project I will be presenting to a board about integrating technology more into the classrooms at the school in my district. I will have to show how it will benefit students in these schools and make sure to use a lot of different types of graphics that do not take away from my information. I’m thinking that I will take the stance of an educator because being in the classroom and seeing how technology will enhance learning from an educator’s point of view will benefit my proposal. I think having the knowledge of what the classroom is like now and how it could be if technology were integrated is beneficial. I think this project is exciting because technology is becoming more prevalent in society and so students need to utilize it so he or she have a better understanding of how it works so it will prepare him or her for after school is over. My concern over this project is that I am not the most technology inclined person so it may be really frustrating trying to integrate things into the presentation. I believe that my participation in doing this will help me with my skills in using technology so that I can say that I have used certain technology before and have an understanding of how it is used.