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The purpose of this memo is to update you on the recent project that the company was awarded after a rigorous tender application to the U.S.A ministry of defense. As the project manager, our mission will be to ensure the company meets the customers’ demands through proper design, development, production and delivery of the new product. The company was awarded a contract to provide a new product namely, backpack with built in refrigerated pouch and radio module, which will help the users to have an easy time during practice and in combat or service delivery. The program was awarded a budget of $ 1,500,000 because 200 units of the new product are needed and therefore the company will have to utilize most of its skillful employees among the 100 from every department to ensure the success of the project.

The customer for the new product is U.S Army, ground forces and special operations who awarded the company the contract in 1st September 2015 and expects the project to be completed by 1st March 2017. 100 units will be assigned to Ground forces while the other 100 units will be assigned to Special Operations. The customers expect the company to give 100 units after the receipt of order within 12 months that is 50 units every 3 months after delivery. The DOD are very strict and categorical in their budgets, contract allocation and working with private firms and expects the best when it comes to products of innovation and technology for their army personnel (Callahan et al., 2018).

The program will need a stylish and functional design. The backpacks will be designed with hard leather to handle the harsh conditions. The portable radio will be fitted in a manner no one will know it there except the use. The refrigeration system will be simplified and utilize less dense material to allow easy locomotion. The project will require 40 team players from the research and development, design, production and testing experts (Hu, 2017). The senior management is expected to fully support the project through provision the required items in time.

The project will be faced with certain risks. These risks include selection of the best employees for the task, varying product prices for the product, continued design and product change to meet the customer’s needs, adapting to the set technological and innovative rules and regulations, and training the team to get right skills for the project. The project will employ agile project management where the management and the team will work hand in hand with the customer to allow minimal change in customers’ needs in the developmental phases (Hu, 2017). The management is also asked to work with the stipulated budget and purchase items before any unanticipated inflation.

The management is expected to work closely with the project manager to make the project a success. This is through ensuring on-time delivery, completing the project in stated budget, all the milestones are attained in the due dates and allow the customer give future contracts to the company.


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Callahan, D. J., Kramer, L. B., Hanback, L. T., & Bacon, S. L. (2018). 2017 Government Contract Law Decisions of The Federal Circuit. American University Law Review67(4), 5.

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