Zhipeng jiang

Institutional Affiliation


To: Jane Sims, Director, CSUSB Career Center,

From: Jack

To Date:07/08/2018

Subject: Critique of the letter of Application

Having been asked to write an application letter for the job opportunity advertised in the recent newspaper I am lucky to have been conducted by the institution. I hereby request you to read through my letter evaluation the following components and see if they are fabulously covered. Besides, I seek your sharing of your letter expertise with me and timely feedback. The Position opportunity

The Audience of review to my letter will be the director of the company, the Human resource manager, alongside the CIO of the company.

The position interest is the secretary

Assistance request

I have considered the following personal characteristics in the letter: a zealous individual with excellent language skills in English and French and a person of integrity, self-driven individual who works under no supervision and able to bit deadlines. Another characteristic is; a team worker who readily collaborates with others at work, innovative and principled in attaining the goals of a company.

I look forward to your assistance, advise, and timely feedback before 17/7/2018.

Attached is the advertisement.

Yours faithfully,