Midterm paper guideline

Topic: For your midterm paper, you should choose two intercultural communication concepts covered in the textbook that interests you and explore it.

Your research must include a total of at least 5 sources, with no more than 3 sources from the internet.


Midterm paper guideline

At the very least, this essay should inform the reader about the fundamentals of the concepts.

-In other words,

1) what is the concept,

2) who does this concept affect,

3) when was the concept developed,

4) how has it changed or evolved (if it has)

5) why and how is it important to you in your life or to society in general.


Midterm paper guideline

To communicate effectively, you should be able to focus your thoughts and ideas efficiently (for #5).

Therefore, the piece should be written in the standard essay format.

Your paper should be easy to read, free of error, and follow standard rules of grammar.


Midterm paper guideline


Report format: 5 pages or more, need reference list (Use APA or MLA style).

Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced (2.0)

Total points: 50 points

Due date: Oct. 8th, Monday in Week 8