Mission: Write a Formal Speech (20 points)

T o complete y our written F o r mal Speech satisfactoril y , do this: (approx. 2–3 hou r s)

Submit 600-750 word, formal speech advocating or supporting a proposal for the Senate to consider on one of the 3 major topics for discussion: extension of SCU, land reform or Debt Reform. If your character is undecided on these topics, please write about what you would consider important in making your decision and why.


  • Your speech should clearly indicate the proposal as it would be written on the board for the Senate to consider.
  • It should include the arguments you will use to show why this is a good idea.
  • Your must have at least one quote from Cicero’s First Catilinarian accompanied by a discussion of that idea.
  • Please consult the attached rubric for how this will be graded.