Module 3 Written Assignment – Mickey Mouse and the Public Domain

BUSN201 . Business Law

. Ivy Tech Community College

. 2017

Model Answer in IRAC Format

Laws are important to society. Many laws make up our legal system. One type of

law is a criminal law.

One issue for me is: Whether criminal laws have affected me in some way?

Specifically, a law is simply a rule that governs conduct (Brown & Suksy, 2013, p. 4).

One type of law is crimes, which are rules that cover offenses against the public

punishable by the prosecutor of a nation or state (Brown & Suksy, 2013, p. 87). Two

objectives of such laws include preserving order and stability (Brown & Suksy, 2013, p.

87). One example is robbery, theft using a deadly weapon (Brown & Suksy, 2013, p.


In my case, my brother was affected by an offense against the public when he

was walking home from work one day. Someone approached him with a handgun. The

perpetrator did not shoot him but forcefully took his wallet. On one hand, the perpetrator

might feel justified by such action. Perhaps even thinking a sense of entitlement to take

what he wanted but there is another side too. This is clearly an example of a crime. The

perpetrator threatened the safety of my brother—while in the community. Without doubt,

“Yes,” criminal laws have affected me in some way.

Commented [V1]: This is an example of how to set up your writing assignment. Make sure your writing assignments meet the suggested word count for the assignment.

Commented [V2]: There is an introduction paragraph with a thesis. It is the last sentence of the first paragraph. Based on the thesis, the body paragraph(s) should only support criminal law issues. Notice my intro is general common knowledge. APA reads that common knowledge need not be cited. But, anytime you use law it is not common knowledge so please cite.

Commented [V3]: I of IRAC (Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion). Review Appendix A “Legal Analysis and Reasoning” on page A-2 in the required text. Notice the issue in that appendix begins with the word “whether” like in this handout. Please use this format. Specifically, the issue in the Appendix A-2 is: Whether Quality Market’s failure to warn customers of the wet floor constituted negligence? The issue here is: Whether criminal laws have affected me in some way?

Commented [V4]: R from IRAC (this entire paragraph). Notice, this paragraph contains law only. For instance, if you say: A tort occurred when Valerie breached her duty of care. Valerie

participated in a wrongful act (other than a breach of contract) so she can get damages or an injunction. This is incorrect because as

written, the writer is saying that only Valerie can commit a tort.

Keep all law in general terms. Moreover, since I did not create the law regarding venue, there must be in-text citations. There should be no direct quotes because if a student simply copies what is in the textbook, this shows no mastery of the law. And, there is no critical thinking in copying and pasting information into an answer. Also, I give page numbers in each in-text citation. Full credit will be given to students who properly cite correct law, which contains information that thoroughly covers the issue.

Commented [V5]: A from IRAC. This transition “In my case,” begins the “A” in IRAC. The “A” stands for analysis. This contains both sides of an argument. Notice, each fact used is consistent with the law that is used in the paragraph above it (Rule of Law).

Commented [VLR6]: C of IRAC. . The conclusion should be answered with “Yes” or “No” then simply write the interrogatory as a declaration.