Module: Social Movements

Written assignment due September 6, 2018

Read the two New York Times (NYT) articles, “What if it were me?” and “Retiring at 30”. Ponder the social movements a couple of hours before completing this written assignment.

A. From the Four Stages of Social Movements reading, on p. 2, under section “What is a Social Movement,” a movement is identified as having three characteristics:

Some characteristics of social movements are that

they are “involved in conflictual relations

with clearly identified opponents; are linked by dense informal

networks; [and they] share a distinct collective identity.”

1. Identify the above three characteristics, for the social movement in each NYT article.

2. What is the goal of the social movement in each NYT article?

3. Briefly identify/discuss two issues/concerns for each NYT article. (i.e. what stood out, surprised you in reading each article?)

B. From The Servant as Leader reading, on bottom of p. 3 begins a paragraph with concept “Create Dangerously”.

1. What are they awakened to in each NYT article?

2. How are they revived/nourished in each NYT article?

From Healing the Heart of Democracy, pages 184-193, Movements and the History of the Heart

For the two NYT Articles,.please provide one critique for each of the movements ( you are the engaged critic as referenced in the chapter of this book).