There are one short videos, and answer some simple questions. Do not need to write too much details for each questions, just use simple and easy words as you can.

1 By now, you have heard a great deal of singing in this course. Using the clips we have listened to up til now, compare the actual singing in Verdi’s time period with singing in Josquin’s time period. How do these styles of singing, one from the Romantic era, and one from the early renaissance, differ from one another?

1 How does the three-note ostinato in the opening set the tone for this scene?

2 How does Anita change the character of the Jets/Sharks melody?

3 How do the musical interactions in the ensemble reflect the dramatic interactions of

the characters?


How does Bernstein make the text intelligible in the contrapuntal sections? How is he able to allow characters to express personal emotions while at the same time interacting with other characters?

5 Why is West Side Story considered musical theater rather than opera?