My project idea is to write a grant for funding for more group homes for adolescents that are in residential placements.

Part A:

Describe your previous grant-writing experiences and explain what are, in your opinion, the most challenging aspects of grant writing. If you have not had previous grant-writing experience, what are some challenges you might anticipate and why? Describe the work you are currently involved in for which you might pursue funding.

I have not had any grant writing experience. I have helped to implement community based grants for my community that involved job training, after school and summer feeding programs, and along with college prep courses. I have never been a part of the actual grant writing or the process. I think that some challenges would be getting individuals to buy in to your mission for support. It seemed like a lot of tedious work because my boss would always have to go to review meetings out of town, he was always documenting how things were spent, and there were separate monies that had to be spent on certain things by a certain time. I was always confused about how it was determined how much to spend on what. I work at a for-profit organization as a case manager and there is always room for growth in the mental health field. I would be interested in writing a grant to help provided more funding for group homes and foster families for children that are in placements with limited places to go. There are not many female group homes and limited ones for males in my area. As a case manager, it can be really difficult to place a child just because there is nowhere to place them. Some MCO companies will only pay for in network placements that usually have no availability. This project will provide agencies with more options for different levels of care for adolescents with behavioral and mental disabilities.

Part B:

Post your project idea, explaining the needs it will meet. Explain why this project might be attractive to potential funders, and distinguish it from others that have addressed the same problem.

My project idea is to write a grant to build more group homes for children that are stepping down to a lower level of care from a residential setting. This will also include independent living placements for children that are aging out or foster care or turning 21. This grant will attract potential funders because it is important to provide children with a safe, secure place to thrive in the future. There are some children that are in placements with no family, and no type of support. The last thing that the child needs to be worried about is where they are going to be sleeping and eating within the next month. This project will also allow funding for families that are willing to become foster parents to those in need.