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I read an article by the New York Times called “Is the United States Too Big to Govern?” In the article, topics such as citizens losing faith and trust in the government, political responsiveness, and positives and negatives of a large country ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. This information is relevant to sociology because of how it details how the government is failing to satisfy Americans, and how that affects society as a whole. Montesquieu, a French philosopher, is quoted in the article stating that “in a large republic, the common good is sacrificed to a thousand considerations…” (Is the United States Too Big to Govern?).

James Henslin, the author of “Mastering Sociology,” states that “societies are evolving, and we shouldn’t interfere with them” (Henslin 6). If the U.S is already too big to govern and society is constantly changing, then the government should not try to control anything more. Socialist governments control almost everything, but America is about letting people have free will within the law. Liberals like to get their hands in society where they aren’t needed, such as wanting to increase minimum wage without letting the market control itself. Society needs to be left to evolve as its own entity, without anything illegal happening. This is why public sociology is critical as it teaches politicians about the “use of the sociological perspective” (Henslin 14).