Purpose: The purpose of the OS Report is to compare and contrast two operating systems. Please make sure you have reviewed all videos and readings in Module 3 prior to beginning this assignment.


I. Module 3 – Choosing your operating systems: After reviewing all videos and readings in Module 3, choose the operating systems from the list below to compare/contrast.

Windows 10 vs. Mac OS X 10

II. Module 3 – Rubric: Review the rubric for the research project found in Module 3 or in the OS Report module.

III. Module 3 – APA: Review the APA resources found in Module 3 or in the OS Report module. This Report is to be completed using APA style.

III. Module 5 – Rough draft – 50 points: A template for your paper which uses APA style is available in Module 3 or in the OS Report module. USING THE TEMPLATE, create a rough draft of your Report and submit it in Module 5. Your rough draft should be in APA style and should include the following sections as found in the template. A final paper will not be accepted unless a rough draft is submitted.


Operating System name of OS 1

Operating System name of OS 2

Operating Systems Comparisons and Contrasts Conclusion


At a minimum, your Report should include the following comparisons and contrasts of your chosen operating systems. You may include more.

A. Main features and functions;

B. ease of use;

C. cost;

D. types of computers on which the OS will operate;

E. security;

F. support; and

G. frequency of updates.

The rough draft will be returned to you by the end of Module 6.

IV. Module 7 – Final paper – 150 points: Submit the final version of the Report to the appropriate dropbox in Module 7. Again, Report should be in APA style and you should have used the template found in Module 3 or in the OS Research module. Submit the Report as a Word document.