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The visual of the fast food chain throughout the country is an effective way to depict the data effectively, because it indicates which states are more populated with fast food restaurants. Where as in the east cost there is a higher population of fast food restaurants compare to the west coast. The chart displays how many different burger restaurants there is such as Wendy’s, McDonalds, Sonics, Dairy Queen’s, Hardee’s/ Carl’s Jr and Jack in the box throughout the country . I believe this chart can be an effective visual in many circumstances that can be drastically used in research for important causes as when when researcher wants accurate information on how many fast food chain exists and how the chart can install that information not only as for a visual it can be needed for many things now that there’s an increase in obesity and chronic illnesses that are affecting our society.

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The geography of the fast food chains gives an effective way to depict the data.   This geography uses the dot chart to identify where the different hamburger chains places are, where they cluster at, where there a lot of burger places andwhere there are few.  The chart also gives the count of how many each burger place has and their location, it also shows where the density of food chains is in comparison to places where they are almost none.  This data shows who has the most burger places (13,946 McDonald’s) compare to (102 HWY 55 burgers) that have the least.This chart also can depict where adults and children are obese, where are more options for fast food the more people tend to eat out.  If we had more information we might be able to see where the poverty lines are by the turnover of the product.

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